Li's Asian Massage
2606 Billingsley Rd
Columbus, OH 43235

Massage Therapy

Is chronic back pain bothering you again? Some relaxing massage therapy might be just what you need. If you've been injured, or if you overuse your muscles, you could benefit from our services! Massage therapy is even beneficial for when you sit at the computer all day and have tension accumulated in your neck and shoulders. If you have injured, swollen, or stiff muscles, come to Li’s Asian Massage for the best massage therapy in the Columbus OH area!

Our masseuses specialize in many different types of massage techniques to get you rejuvenated again! Our Swedish massage is great for total body relaxation, while our Thai massage is geared towards moving your body into positions that stretch your muscles to increase mobility and flexibility. Our deep tissue massages and Asian massages both put a lot of pressure into specific problem areas on your body in order to alleviate tension and speed up healing.