Deep Tissue Massage

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Is your stress sitting heavily upon your shoulders? If you want to indulge in the best form of pain relief, stop by today for a deep tissue massage. During this process, we work with you to ensure that you leave our location feeling like a brand new person. With our years of education and experience in the industry, we know exactly what it takes to make you feel great.

Deep tissue massages are known for helping those with chronic pain. By targeting the stiff muscles, we can relieve the stiffness that you are suffering from. If you still have questions about this particular kind of massage, please feel free to call so that we may provide you with all the information that you require. We look forward to providing you with relief soon.

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Couples Massage

Have you been agonizing over a romantic gift to get your significant other? Whether it’s their birthday or anniversary, consider giving the gift of a couple’s massage! If you’re interested in getting a quality and relaxing couple’s massage, come to Li’s Asian Massage.

From the moment of our establishment, we have built a reputation for affordable and exemplary massage services in the Columbus OH area. Not only do our massages soothe stiff muscles, but they also improve one’s mood and increase bonding and positive emotions between couples! Call or visit today, your partner will love receiving a couple’s massage from us!

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Asian Massage

Asian massage is a special type of massage built on the belief that energy flows through the body. If this energy is prevented from flowing properly, it can result in pain and discomfort in different tension areas. During an Asian massage, the masseuse targets specific points in order to allow this energy to follow freely and correctly.

From the moment of our establishment, we have committed to exemplary customer service and affordability. An Asian massage is a great form of therapy because it speeds up the recovery process and relieves stress, making it beneficial for both your physical and psychological health. Interested in an Asian massage? Call or visit us today!

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Mike, Delaware, Ohio
Li is an amazing person and masseuse. I have several joint and muscle issues and often feel there is no relief. Li has given me some hope for improvement. I will become a repeat customer. ?? Xièxiè To you Li, Mike
Michael Richardson, Sunbury
I went into their office with tight and sore muscles all over. Over the counter pain medication didn't help. A hot bath or shower only provided temporary relief. After 90 minutes with Amanda, I'm a new human! Western massage techniques do not include back walking. I needed serious deep tissue therapy, and I got it here. I will be back! Thank you, Amanda!!!
Mike Richardson, Sunbury
I went into their office stuff, sore, and in pain. No over the counter pain medication helped. Hot showers, or hot baths helped very long. 90 minutes with Amanda and I'm a new person. Amanda walked on my back, pounded my legs, shoulders, and arms. I have never had a massage this good! I will be back because I deserve to feel this good!!!
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